• Karen Moreno


Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Looking forward to the weekend?

Happy Friday?

Why do we love Fridays so much?🤔Is it because we finally get to rest?😴We have more time to spend with our loved ones?♥️Or is it because we can finally spend our day doing what we really enjoy?🥳

If you’re only waiting for the weekend🧐let me tell you that there might be something wrong with the way you’re deciding to live your life, and it might be worth questioning what you’re currently doing✊🏻

I’m a person who loves/needs to question EVERYTHING🤓I need to understand why something is the way it is👆🏻I don’t like doing things just because someone told me to or because it’s what’s culturally accepted👀or because everyone else is doing it🙄I need to be informed, understand, and if it brings meaning and purpose to my life, then I decide to do it! Some would say I’m a bit intense BUT if it doesn’t bring any value then why bother?😐

I strongly believe that we need to love each day of the week as much as we love Friday🥰and if you don’t you can always change what you’re doing! Try to find purpose and meaning during the week as well!🙌🏻

You’re in charge of your life!🔆

And if you don’t know how to make these changes REMEMBER you can ALWAYS ask for help⚠️

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