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“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place”

- Eckhart Tolle




There is one thing that we are all searching for in life, and that is peace. It’s common that we’re unable to achieve this “faraway” dream because we know very little about ourselves. We’re not clear on what our passions are, our fears, our worries, and certain aspects of our personalities that may be generating conflicts in the way we interact with the outside world.



What’s does living in peace mean for you?

Is it having healthy loving relationships? Being successful at work? Finding a partner that brings you joy? Building a family? Traveling and exploring the world? Whatever it is that’s stopping you, I will help you discover.




If you're feeling constant sadness, anxiety or if you are in the quest of self-discovery and self-awareness, you might be needing support, and psychotherapy might help you in building that healthy mindset that you’re looking for.  


Smirna Romero

Smirna Romero is the founder of ALWAYS MIND a worldwide psychology service to promote Mental Health Awareness and encourage Introspection and Self-discovery.

ALWAYS MIND offers Online Psychology Sessions.


I am currently offering online sessions through Zoom. This way I’m able to reach anyone in any part of the world. The psychology sessions are in Spanish and English.


Type of

There are a great number of types of therapy. The one I’m specialised in is Focused Psychodynamic therapy, also known as insight-oriented therapy. The goals of psychodynamic therapy are a client’s self-awareness and understanding of their internal problems and behaviour.


Depending on the case, I will also use a Client-centred approach, Solution Focused Therapy, and Psychoeducation, as I understand that each individual is different and that the therapy technique should be adjusted to the client’s needs.  


There are several reasons why you may need professional support. Here is a list that you can use as
a reference to find out if this is something you might need right now.

 Depression
 Anxiety
 Relationship issues
 Grief and loss
 Trauma
 Workplace stress/Burnout
 Eating disorders
 Life transition
 Migration (Migratory grief)
 Issues associated with studying abroad
 Self-esteem issues

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